Why do Families Choose our 100 % Online School?

1) Traditional schools DO NOT respond to children’s educational needs. 2) Their children have been bullied and are emotionally damaged or undergoing psychological treatment. 3) Their children are athletes and the traditional system prevents them from performing at a professional level. 4) They want a better quality of life for the whole family. 5) They ... Read more

4-fase Methodology ©: learning how the brain learns.

VTA's 4-phase methodology © [1], an excellent way to avoid academic and educational exclusion. It is a beautiful experience for the brain to learn and absorb content; however, it is a great challenge that two minds learn in a similar way. We can see this in the classroom; we find 20 or more children and ... Read more

Kids Project Evidence of Sexual Abuse in their Drawings

Free drawing is a projective technique, used as an analytical strategy towards the beginning of the diagnostic process, in psychotherapies, in free play and other instances which promote the spontaneous expression of emotions and/or sensations. It is frequently used in children and teens; however, it is also applicable in adults. This technique aims at collecting ... Read more

Writing, the Best Strategy to Memorize Spelling Rules.

Getting children to learn the spelling rules is a task that generates more than some frustration. This is so because they are not always learned properly and that is reflected in what is written. In this sense, it is worth asking: What strategy is the most recommended to achieve memorization of the enormous variety of ... Read more

The Three Best Approaches for Learning to Read and Write.

The process of teaching literacy promotes reading and writing development.There are various methods and theories about how to implement accurate strategies in this process, some approaches are more formal. In their process they encourage the understanding of the letters, following the syllables, and then going through the words and finally through the phrases. Other methods, ... Read more

Download the Literacy Method: Smart Writing for Free.

Teaching to write or teaching to re-educate calligraphy, is for cognitive psychology, an activity that implies developing the mastery of a set of cognitive competences that participate in the generation, relationship and organization of ideas and graphomotor actions. According to the Neuro writing System, when teaching a new graphic activity, it is necessary to consider ... Read more

How Do Abused Children Express themselves through Drawings?

Parents are made to leave their children with caregivers; however, on occasions, those outside the family attack and harm the child's innocence with aggressive behaviors that can undermine their emotional stability. Aggression can also come from direct relatives and even from the parents themselves. In order to address this problem, from a neuro-writing perspective, I ... Read more