Our Validation

Own validation, through grade cards from Via Talentum Academy, K12 private school, registered in the state of California, United States of America, cds 37683386136691.It is important to highlight that VTA is not a charter or umbrella school. At the same time, we do not depend on third-party institutions to validate our students, which means autonomy on our part and absolute control of the process.

The official grade card is legalized and sent to each of our families, in English and Spanish, at the end of the school year. The student’s guardian will be able to validate it in their country by the competent bodies. It should be noted that validation can be year by year or by cycle.

Validation with credit-by exam (only for Chile): those learners who have studied in educational establishments which are not officially recognized by the State can take validation exams of Basic Education and/or High School studies (this would be the status of the VTA student ). The process is carried out according to the guidelines of the Mineduc (*). We assist in the registration process, and guarantee that the contents required by MINEDUC are widely studied in our syllabus.

In both cases of validation, Via Talentum Academy supports the process and accompanies each family to obtain theirs.

(*)MINEDUC (2018). Credit-by exams – for students under 18. Retrieved from