School Happiness © at VTA

School Happiness © is a methodology aimed at addressing our students’ happiness in a comprehensive manner. This is achieved by the following perspectives:

1. Playful environment: this aspect is about generating instances of playful participation for children and young learners in activities of highly interesting activities. These are of different kinds, from cooking competitions to online video game tournaments streamed on Twitch. Constant updating is key, so we are always giving the best to students; thus, they can spend their free time with their classmates. In this way, networks are formed. VTA calls all the students to participate in the challenge. After that, the students who signed in receive all information to continue with the registration process and competition. Depending on the activity, it can be shown within our platform or it can be broadcast on our streaming platforms. This whole virtuous cycle keeps students motivated to get involved in all school settings. In addition, children and young learners are approached from a language they understand, that of digital natives.
2. Pedagogical field: this aspect tries to generate instances of encounters and conversations where issues related to self-management of learning and its challenges and difficulties are discussed. These spaces are made internally (only for our students) and externally (through our streaming platforms). It makes it easier for children and young people to feel confident in exposing their difficulties because they feel accompanied, and with it, they are able to help others who are going through the same thing. After this stage, students might get personalized following up. These spaces translate into an opportunity for students to improve through ways they feel at ease with.
Technology and constant support work synergistically.