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Learn more about the 4-phase methodology. Inclusive teaching-learning system, oriented to all ways of learning.

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This is a testament to our leadership and dedication to academic excellence and the continued success of those who rely on our institution for their education.

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Learn about the specifics of Via Talentum Academy’s accreditation as a registered K12 school in the California Department of Education.

Acreditación NALSAS


Beyond the official curriculum. Key competencies for the 21st century. Check all the complementary courses that are available to our students for free.


We are the first online school in Latin America to use CANVAS, the world’s leading online learning platform, used by the most prestigious universities in the world.

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"Although we think that each child is different and the VTA system requires discipline and commitment, it gives them the opportunity to learn happily and that is priceless. In addition, VTA’s attention to our concerns and the ability to adapt to each child’s particular need makes it unique compared to traditional systems."

Pamela Cavada Correa

"We as parents are very happy with Vía Talentum Academy, and my son is happy. The efficiency and conscience with which the entire team of the school community works, to obtain the desired results in the academic training process of all students, is admirable! Everything that Ivan has achieved so far… Our son knows that he must continue working and reinforcing studying habits as a purpose, which is what will lead him to success. This is from our part, I recommend the school 100%. THE GREATEST!"

Nelia Bean

"I fully recommend this format. Today we as a family enjoy more time with our daughter, and that is not provided by a traditional school; on the contrary, it drives us further away each day, and by the way, we lose control of our children. I almost forgot something we realized: some of the teachers in traditional education do not respect the ideology of the parents, and they try to tell the history of Chile in a way that is not correct. We are free of conscience and therefore this format is ideal not to be influenced."

Elvis Pizarro H. and Marcela Jofre P.

"I am so grateful to have found you and to be able to give our daughters a future that they choose consciously and without pressure, the elective classes are at another level as well as the electives to end the year, they also have doctors in education who support immediately to our daughters when they do not understand something in their classes and best of all is that they can adapt their schedules and their learning rhythms on the virtual platform they use according to this time, it is not necessary to postulate how so many parents have to do it today today in the educational system "

María Fernanda Arcos

Learn about the compulsory and optional subjects of our full english curriculum for all levels.