Valores VTA

Nuestro propósito: Posibilitar que las familias gestionen autónomamente la escolarización de sus hijos, en un contexto de calidad de vida y vanguardia académica.

We are a 100% online Spanish-speaking school that includes Spanish-English bilingual training.

We are an inclusive Online home school, which does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, geographic situation, behavior, learning style and for any argument that puts in check the possibility of learning in a meaningful way.

We are a free exams, international curriculum school.

We are a Online home school that integrates the best educational technologies at the service of learning, which allows the best understanding of the subjects, in the shortest possible time and with the greatest fun as a medium.

We are a Online home school that understands the natural way of learning and the differences in learning styles, that is why all our contents are based on the Universal Learning Design.

We are a school that understands the importance of speaking the English language, which is why we make available the natural method of learning a second language.

We are a school that teaches to discover the structure of talents of each of the students, because we know that we all have a distinctive seal worthy of praise and use.

We are a school that delivers skills for the 21st century.

Equipo Directivo

Jorge Marcich Colina

Jorge Marcich Colina
Gerente General