Our Accreditation

Via Talentum Academy is an institution accredited by NALSAS (National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools).

What does this accreditation mean?

It means that NALSAS accredits the following:

  1. Via Talentum Academy does not have any hidden fees. All fees are presented in a very clear and concise manner for the consumer to determine whether they would like to enroll or not.
  2. Via Talentum Academy does conduct follow-up phone calls to assist potential and currently enrolled students.
  3. Via Talentum Academy does not allow financial hardship to be a barrier for entry into the academic program. Flexible payment plans are offered.
  4. Via Talentum Academy Academy does have a unique, student-friendly, and proprietary online K-12 curriculum.
  5. Via Talentum Academy does provide a clear Mission and Vision Statement for consumers to read and understand.
  6. Via Talentum Academy does provide full disclosure to students prior to enrollment by providing appropriate terms and conditions on the enrollment application which includes a written refund policy.
  7. Via Talentum Academy is an educational institution that is financially sound to provide the educational services promised to students.
  8. Via Talentum Academy is in full compliance with the rules and regulations established by the California Department of Education for private K-12 schools.
  9. Via Talentum Academy does provide the appropriate number of staff to support the educational programs offered.
Acreditación NALSAS

You can verify all the above information by directly contacting Chau Trinh (NALSAS Direct Contact) at +1 (800) 456-7784 or at e-mail educate@nalsas.org.

Via Talentum Academy
Acreditación NALSAS